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58th Potomac Country House Tour & Festival

Charities—Our Outreach Partners


All proceeds of the Potomac Country House Tour are distributed to local, national, and international charities. The organizations that received funding from the 2014 House Tour are listed on the left.

When friends ask Scott where he lives, he tells them he’s in the group home. His peers at Whitman know about the group home on Greentree Road in Bethesda. They know there are 15-20 students at their school who don’t go home to their parents at night. “I’m not ashamed of it,” Scott says. “Where I live doesn’t really change me.” -- National Center for Children and Families

"They don’t just put band aids on your problems ̶ they help you solve ‘em. And they don’t solve ‘em for you, but they give you the tools to learn how to solve ‘em for yourself. I have a future. And I have dreams that have come alive now since I’ve been clean." -- So Others Might Eat

Camp Fantastic provides young cancer patients with an opportunity to step back from the seriousness of their disease and enjoy normal childhood activities and the bonds of friendship with other children who share similar experiences. Camp Fantastic provides classes, recreation, themed adventures, campfires, and other exciting activities and a full staff of medical caregivers make it possible for children to attend in virtually any stage of treatment. -- Special Love

Tenwek’s staff of over 650 Kenyans and missionaries provide services not only within the hospital but also in a expansive community health network. Advanced services available at Tenwek include a CT scanner, a hospital wide digital xray access system (PACS), total joint replacement surgery, open heart surgery camps, comprehensive HIV/AIDS care clinics, complex retinal/corneal surgery, and others. -- World Gospel Mission, Tenwek Hospital, Kenya

Here are just a few stories from charities supported by Potomac Country House Tour ...

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