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Potomac Country House Tour

St Francis Episcopal Church, 10033 River Road, Potomac, MD     

The Potomac Country House Tour has suspended operation indefinitely. We estimate that during our 59 years, we raised the equivalent (in current dollars) of more than $2 million for various charities. We appreciate...

The homeowners who shared their beautiful houses with us

The charities who do the fine work that our proceeds supported

The boutique vendors who shared their receipts

The individuals and companies who contributed goods to our Silent Auction and to the persons who purchased those items

The companies that purchased advertisements in our ticket book

The press who assisted us in getting the word out

The patrons and friends who supported us directly with donations

The small army of committee chairs and volunteers who made sure that everything got done

... and all of you who purchased tickets for the benefit of our charities.

Photo by Sherry Moeller

Thank You!

St. Francis Episcopal Church, the sponsor of Potomac Country House Tour, continues its extensive charitable outreach activities, but has chosen to raise funds internally. If you are interested in St. Francis church or its activities, we invite you to visit its website.


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The archived website of the 2015 Potomac Country House Tour can be viewed here.