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Potomac Country House Tour


The Hobbins House

Featured in 2011

This country home takes the visitor back to an authentic Potomac Country house. The owner, an American historian who worked at the Smithsonian with former Smithsonian Secretary, S.Dillon Ripley and three of his successors, invites one to “Welcome to life in the 18th Century.” And that is exactly what transpires.

The house dates back to 1790 and was originally located in Brooklyn, Connecticut. It was discovered by the present owners, disassembled piece by piece, post by post and beam by beam, and moved to its present site on a five-acre tract of land. Once situated on the grounds, it took the owner nine years to lovingly and authentically recreate the home. The woodwork, all beautifully crafted by the owner, is evident in every room: the entrance way, study, parlor, dining room and keeping room (kitchen), including the wide pine floor boards put in place (again by the owner himself) with hand-wrought rosehead nails. The beautiful wooden floor boards are found throughout the house. Many rooms feature the color red, which complements the various wood tones throughout the structure.

American antiques abound. Just a few examples are the Riley Whiting wooden-works tall case clock, the Queen Anne and Delaware Valley armchairs, side chair, display cabinet in dining room, Windsor chairs, a Pilgrim three-legged chair, Windsor stool reproductions, banister- back side chairs, and some rare 18th century banister-back arm chairs.

Leaving the main house en route to the Carriage House the visitor will see two huge silver maple trees. They are carefully preserved and were key to the placement of the “new” house. Everything has been done to preserve these two, magnificent, huge trees, the ages of which are unknown.

The Carriage House was built in 2003 and was designed by the owners for their five grandchildren when they come to visit. The Carriage House has a magnificent and cozy great room that also features a huge stone fireplace. It is filled with family heirlooms. This structure, as well as the main house, has geothermal heating and cooling. Another unique and charming feature is the second-story loft where the grandchildren sleep, each in their own bed, decorated with charming quilts, dolls, stuffed animals. One other item of note is the 1908 upright piano that the owners restored.

Finally, the distaff member of this creative team is a florist in her own right, and at fall and winter holiday time (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and again in the Spring, she features her “Wreath Love Workshop” – beautiful appointments of varying designs using dried flowers and fruits. These items will be available for purchase.

The visitor will marvel at every aspect of this unique family home. The care and love the owners have put into this house are evident everywhere, and memories of your visit will long be remembered.