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Potomac Country House Tour


Palladian Home

Featured in 2012

    Step across the threshold of this beautiful Palladian-style home and experience a fresh and up-to-date model of Roman revival architecture, combined with French art and accent pieces reflecting the homeowners’ honeymoon-inspired love of Paris.  Close collaboration with decorator Lynni Megginson results in spaces both elegant and comfortable.

    Pause in the foyer to view the spacious circular stairs capped by a two-story domed mural ceiling.  Stroll into the maize-colored formal dining room featuring a European manor fireplace and luxurious crown molding.  Continue your tour in the kitchen, taking note of the creative carpentry of the molding, soffits, and modified kitchen cabinetry, aimed at achieving a striking marriage of function and form.  Even the texture and color of the tile have been artfully transformed.

    Proceed to the family room to view eight unique painted and framed cut-outs of scenes reminiscent of Paris.  A beautiful hallway colonnade leads to the library and formal living room.  Notice the curved and detailed ceiling complementing this formal hallway.  The hallway ends in a grand master bedroom suite featuring French and Italian antiques and a Venetian custom-made chandelier.  

    Upstairs, themes add charm to each of the bedrooms.  The great outdoors is celebrated in one, with a moose, log curtain rods, and denim window treatments.  France is again on display in another, reflected in the pink and peach hues of wallpaper, quilt, and window treatments.  

    At the end of the upstairs hallway, enter the children’s playroom and exit via the back stairs, taking with you a new appreciation of the elegance and practicality of mixing classical and old-world themes with the freshness of modern living.